Congressional Black Caucus PAC Endorses Bill Pascrell for Congress

WASHINGTON – Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee Chairman, Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY-05) today announced the committee has endorsed the re-election of Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. 

“The CBCPAC enthusiastically endorses Bill Pascrell’s re-election,” said Chairman Meeks. “Bill Pascrell is one of our most respected colleagues and toughest members. Bill’s record on behalf of protecting our voting rights and defending our democracy is tireless. And he aggressively fights for his district, delivering federal aid to rebuild roads and bridges, expand mass transit, construct affordable housing and enhance public safety. Bill is exactly the kind of member we need in Congress to win the tough fights ahead.”

“As one of most revered groups in Washington, I am proud to accept the CBCPAC’s support,” said Congressman Pascrell. “Together with the CBC and its excellent members I will work hard to enact the pro-democracy, forward-looking agenda supported by a majority of our great country, starting with reauthorization of our sacred Voting Rights Act.”