Pascrell Slams Trump’s Claims of Unprecedented Executive Power

PATERSON, NJ – U.S. Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ-09) gave the following statement in response to today’s New York Times report that Donald Trump and his lawyers have asserted that the President maintains the constitutional authority to obstruct investigations at his whim:

“Donald Trump is now explicitly arguing that he is above the laws of this nation. If today’s report is accurate, Trump believes he could not have obstructed justice because he is the President. He contends that his pardon power gives him blanket discretion to kill criminal investigations at his whim.

“These claims of unfettered executive authority would make Richard Nixon blush and make our Founding Fathers shudder. Trump’s attempt to anoint himself both judge and jury is antithetical to our most cherished democratic principles. It is a direct threat to our entire system of government. Mr. Trump is forgetting perhaps the most basic tenet of our republic. America cannot survive where one man stands above the rest.”

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